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Han Maara Cave

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Han Maara cave ( cave - house ) is the largest cave in Kaloferska part of the Central Balkan . Starting point for the cave is Kalofer - 4.30h . along a marked path from Panitsite . From the city to Panitsite there is a paved road - 6 km . The most easily is accessible the cave when follow the path of Rai hut to Mount Botev and Levski hut , about 500 meters from the chalet Han Maara cave . After passing by a karst spring , gushing at the foot of Paradise rocks and crossing the river Praskalska when first seen Praskaloto ( 124.5 m ) under the path literally gaping mouth of the cave .

The cave can not be passed as input can be seen from far away. Its dimensions are a size 10 meters by 3 meters .

Although formed in limestone, not the typical cave formations . The main gallery was demolished about 30 meters from the entrance , and the exact length of the cave is 182 meters underground river . Its altitude is 1450 meters inside the cave is icy areas that remain all year round and are often beautiful and bizarre forms .

Like most caves of this type , it is used as a natural shelter to shepherds. In the past the archway she had gathered up to 300 sheep. Due to rapidly changing weather in the mountains, many tourists use the cave as a shelter and refuge for protection from storms. It is suitable for tents and symbolic fire. The name of the cave comes from the fact that often it is used , and used as a '' home'' - Han Maara .

Its inhabitants are diverse - woodlice , spiders , millipedes , beetles , butterflies, caddis flies , beetles troglobiont Hexaurus paradisi. In the cave were found four species of bats , two of which are endangered - large and tricolor bat . It is potentially a refuge for other important species of bats , birds, insects, arachnids , so any activities that lead to its destruction and the concerns of its residents are ineligible .

From Kalofer organize jeep safari to climb Mountain Paradise, from where you can easily reach Han Maara cave and Praskaloto . If you decide to make hiking up there , be prepared for about 10 hours of walking .

The cave is in Dzhendema reserve in Central Balkan National Park , doing the research or studies in it, it is necessary to agreed with the Ministry and the Directorate of the park.

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