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Historic Landmark
Kalofer Maiden Monastery

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Kalofer is attractive not only because of its rich history , here is born the revolutionary Hristo Botev , and not only because of its beautiful scenery . You will find many beautiful churches and monasteries. Early in the morning can be heard ringing church bells ring . Small street will take you to the convent . It is the successor of four older convents Killeen education first Bulgarian teacher Anastasia Dimitrova. She trained at the monastery from 1836 to 1839 , as the knowledge gets not only the nuns , but also for teachers as Botyo Petkov, Rayno Popovich , Brayko Genovich , under whose leadership studied history , geography, arithmetic, grammar.

Maiden Kalofer Monastery "The Assumption" in the upper end of the town . The history of the monastery is not much , but a manuscript of 1863 we know that the monastery was founded in the XVII century Rila monk Dorotheus . During Kardzhalimen attacks monastery fails to escape the evil fate that befell hundreds of Orthodox churches in the Bulgarian lands after attacks in 1799 and 1804 it was completely destroyed . Nunnery did not remain for long dysfunctional . Back in 1819 it was restored and there was found a girls' school . With the support of the then consul of the city - public figure and creator of one of the first class schools in Bulgaria Najden Guerov nuns from the monastery gathered aid to Russia and the accumulated funds in 1862 built a church and residential buildings.

During the Russo -Turkish War in 1877 , Kalofer Monastery "The Assumption" was plundered and burnt . Soon, however, it was restored .

Nowadays the monastery Kalofer includes church and residential buildings. Tourists are not offered accommodation and food. The biggest attraction in the church is the icon " Christ Bogoslavyasht " iconostasis partition and the whole interior. The icon is an unknown artist. Near the church is a spring and a small chapel "St. Panteleimon " . It was built in 1825

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