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Kalofer - Museum of Hristo Botev

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Kalofer, 5, ul. Hristo Botev

National Museum "Hristo Botev" is located in Kalofer - the city where grew the famous Bulgarian poet and revolutionary. It was built at the place where was the last house on his family - in Botev urban garden. Includes house-museum, exhibition hall, a monument of Hristo Botev, erected in 1930 and a monument to Ivan Botev - the mother of the poet.

The whole ensemble was declared a cultural monument of national importance. The museum store personal belongings, documents, publications, art and other materials related to the life and works of Hristo Botev, the family and his followers.

The fund held more than 5,000 museums. Although not born in this house, Hristo Botev always called her "a born home", he spent his childhood here. This gets the number of Slaveikovi Journal "Bagpipes" which was printed his first poem "Maytse si". The house was destroyed in the burning of the city in 1877. The building was reconstructed in the 40 years of the 20th century on the initiative of citizens of Kalofer and with the help of patriotic Bulgarians across the country. The house has several rooms, one of them is arranged with beautiful hand-woven rugs, small table and low chairs, typical for the Bulgarian way of life during that time. This room may have welcomed guests and family Botev is food here. There is a small room with some old cabinet, which was the kitchen. Overall, the house is small but very comfortable and well arranged. Near the house is located and exhibition hall which was built later.

Visitors can see the stored personal belongings at the Museum of Botev, including his pocket watch and his writing accessories. In the courtyard there is a big monument of Hristo Botev, and full-length monument depicting his mother.

Admission: Student-1, 00 BGN; adults-2, 00 BGN; talk - 5,00 BGN , for groups under 10 people - 10,00 BGN

Working hours: 08:00 to 17:30

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