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Ravnets Peak

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Ravnets peak is 2020.7 meters high and is the highest elevation in the massif Ravnets share Kaloferska Mountain. The array is also known as Chufadaritsa and is located between two reserves - "Djendema " and " Old River" . Array Yarrow rises south of the main Stara Planina ridge. The northwest and west up the valley of the Old River and the northeast and east - to the valley of White River and two tributaries of the left Stryama . The south up to the northern edge of the Karlovo Valley. Western , eastern and southern slopes are very steep and on the north by the high saddle connects to Kaloferska mountain Raina Zhultets peak ( 2,229 m ) and Botevska array.

Array and the central ridge of Stara Planina to pasture descend huge hills similar to those in Rila. Left a deep valley of Old River , and on the right the more profound the South Djendem . An extensive plateau Ravnets is a wonderful view of the whole high part of the "Central Balkan" - Ambaritsa peaks ( 2,166 m ) , coupe ( 2108 m ) Krastsite ( 2,035 m ) , Turtle ( 2035 m ) Zhultets ( 2,227 m ) and Botev (2,376 m) are in front of you at a glance . However, in bad weather walking on Yarrow is not recommended as it is quite possible to lose .

Interesting sights that are worth seeing are passing through Karlovo and Suchurum . North of Kalofer in the valley of White River , is the populous current Kalofer monastery " Virgin Birth ." It was founded in 1640 and has been repeatedly ravaged . Last restored in the 80s of XX century. In the area there are more Zelenikovska Monastery " St. John the Baptist ," Kalofer Monastery "The Assumption" , Sopot Monastery " Virgin" and Sopot Monastery "St. Spas " .

For the convenience of mountaineers in the array Yarrow are several huts : Ambaritsa, Balkan roses, Vasil Levski , Dermenka, Dobrila, Mandra , Nezabravka, Pleven, Ravnets, Rai, Triglav , Taja and Handsome .

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