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Route Kalofer - Kalofer Monastery

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The route from Kalofer for Kalofer Monastery "Holy Blessed Virgin" is short, easy and pleasant , suitable for lovers of cultural and natural tourism of all ages. To make that transition , you need to have a serious physical condition or have experienced mountaineers . All you need is enthusiastic and want to spend some time away from the city buzz .

The route begins at the western end of Kalofer departing north from the asphalt road to Karlovo . The road follows the crest of the flat watershed between Tunja and White River crossing aromatic lavender fields . North magnificent views of the mountain ridge with Chufadaritsa Ravnets peak ( 2020 m altitude ) Zhultets ( 2227 m ) and the highest peak of the Balkan Mountains Botev (2,376 m). In low you see the bridge over the White River , and nearby are the remains of Turkish watchtower (probably gave the name of the hill Watch ) .

About two kilometers from Kalofer in the area Average Kurniditsa , the road splits , with the right ( north) leads through the area Paradjika hut "Paradise" and Botev peak , and in the left sloping down to the picturesque valley of the White River . From here to Kalofer monastery takes about 20 minutes. It is situated on a flat meadow , and his white building attracts attention of tourists from afar. Just across the street stands the area white shores, above which , on the very edge of the steep slope , there is a small monastery where ever haidouk gathering .

Monastery " Virgin Birth " was built in 1640 . He was burned at least twice during the riots Kardzhalimen then is reconstructed with perseverance and faith. In 1819 was built the monastery church, which existed until today , although during the Russo -Turkish War of Liberation to the monastery was burned .

Besides a beautiful work of Renaissance art and refuge from everyday life , Kaloferska cloister is the starting point for many hiking routes to the central part of the mountain hut - "Ray" (5 hours and a half ) and Botev Peak ( 7:00 ) .

For the way back to Kalofer you can use several routes . The first one leads to the bridge over White River , then a perfectly recognizable path leading area Tower and track leads directly to the city. Another option is to cross the White River to bypass the white beaches of the south and along a small monastery comes the divide between White River and Tunja .

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