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Route to the quiet cloister

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The starting point of the route is a tourist information center in a peaceful Kalofer , famous for its rich historical past and its location close to the highest and one of the most beautiful parts of the Balkan Mountains. In principle it is possible the first section of track this to Panitsite be overcome by car . However, if you choose to follow the rules of classical tourism and porazmardate bit, you can safely past four kilometers to the resort area .

Bowls is located in the foothills of the Central Balkan along the river Tunja . There are two theories about the origin of the name of the place - for the sake of form or for the strange indentations in the rocks in the river, typical of her region currently Panitsite are very popular resort and most developed place in the Kalofer region.Ottuk start and only routes South Bulgaria for climbing the waterfall and the highest peak of the Balkan mountain peak Botev.

From the bowl heads to the chapel " Pokrov " by crossing places Paradjishki meadow Avramovi huts. Throughout the transition reveal gorgeous views of the central part of the mountain , the forest and the sub-Balkan valley . The monastery can be reached in about an hour and a half walk is pleasant , not particularly serious climbing or dangerous areas.

If you have previously made ​​reservations and make hiking in the company of a specialized leader in the courtyard of the chapel will learn many facts about the geography of the area. You will also learn about the curious legends to create Zvanigrad (according to believers was called the forerunner of Kalofer , which is located here ) .

From the vicinity of the chapel " Pokrov " splendid views nearly white towering cliffs surrounding the valley of steep descents of the National Park " Central Balkan " White River . If you wish , you can continue a little path that bypasses the cloister to reach places Blue Pool and monasteries dam.

From now impossible to continue because in front of us face the inaccessible cliffs Reserve "Djendema ." Upon request has excellent places where you can picnic , but if you hire a guide of the day, you must report their intention when booking. The route is not so short ( if you go away for a mess of the total length will be about 5 hours) , but it is very easy and suitable for tourists of all ages and with a little experience.

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