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Route Yailata - Kavarna

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Kamen bryag

This tourist route starts with a visit to the Archaeological Reserve "Yailata" - one of the relatively lesser known, but extremely picturesque in northeastern Bulgaria. The name of the area is of Turkish origin and means "plateau" or "elevated above the surrounding terrain pasture." Located just two kilometers from the cult for those seeking communion with nature Kamen Beach and eighteen kilometers northeast town of Kavarna.

Yailata represents a waterside terrace with a total area of ​​about three acres, separated from the sea by high cliffs, which in places reaches sixty meters. The historical value of the area and its tourist attraction due to the fact that there are found many cave dwellings, some of which found artifacts aged five thousand years, and the early Byzantine fortress from the V century. Although it may be stored only fragments of four towers and a gate, it looks very picturesque against the beach. In the Middle Ages of the many caves were used as a monastery complex.

From Yailata tourist route continues to the cape as far as can be reached by car in fairly nice, picturesque coastal road. Nose around which carry creepy and awesome stories about our late Middle Ages and the conquest of Bulgaria by the Ottomans, was also declared a reserve and one hundred tourist sites. Not to mention the breathtaking views that are opened to the sea.

The trail leads to the land, where you can visit the Historical Museum in the city (street "Kraymorska" 1), housed in a renovated bathroom from the late Middle Ages. The exhibition contains artifacts from the V-VI century, right up to World War II. Of particular interest are the exhibits depicting the life and culture of the tribes inhabiting the border of the Roman Empire province of Scythia Minor, as well as those of the First Bulgarian Empire.

At the same address is located Kavarna Hammam, that presents the exhibition "Dobrudja and the sea." It presents anchors, antique amphorae, coins, treasure of the Thracians and all sorts of artifacts associated with ancient navigation and commerce in the area. Nearby is the art gallery in the city, founded in the seventies of the twentieth century, and storing a number of remarkable works of Bulgarian artists.

Final destination along ethno house is located on the "Sava Ganchev '16 Here are traditsitsionniya bit of local groups dobrudzhantsi and Gagauz, the settlers of Boiler and typical for this region, crafts like knitting lace and shoemaking. Of course, you can combine the tourist route with a quality relaxing on the beach in the city.

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