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Djendem Waterfalls

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Reserve of South Djendem keep one of the most hard to reach and inaccessible places in the Bulgarian mountains. In South Djendem , White River and rivers Bazovitsa squeeze through canyons and water them jump through a lot of waterfalls with a height up to 80 meters. Getting there is more difficult to use and transmissible nature trails , and to move from end to end - alpinist equipment.

Early Dzhendemski River east of the nozzle - the flat meadow located between Botev peak and Ravnets , bringing together multiple paths . Thence down the river Dzhendemski a cascade of waterfalls - Troyatsite , Big Dzhendemski , Snake , broad, Goat Horn and dozens of smaller, non- baptized with names. Behind them the river flows into the White River, which was flowing down the river Praskalska coming from the waterfall and the river Bazovitsa .

Departs on the summer trail to the hut Vasil Levski . It crosses a stream and reaches the second , named Bashmandrenska river to the right of that is directly unmarked path that appears directly Bashmandra . The river is crossed in the direction of Ray hut and comes to the northern tip of the rib Hayduttepe in which starts up. You need to get to the path that shortcuts Hayduttepe left and reaches the edge of the rib of the array, descending to the east from the top - left is White River , and on the right is Dzhendemski River .

A steep descent without trail on rough terrain to Dzhendemski River . What , however, is waiting for a worthy reward for the effort - Dzhendemski Great Falls. Then it goes down the river and reaches wide waterfall. From there it should climb to another waterfall - Goat's horn, but it's pretty difficult part of the road , especially for tired tourists .

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