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Nezabravka hut

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Nezabravka is located in the Kapakli Bounar area, which is part of the Central Balkan National Park . Towering at 1,650 meters above sea level , it has eighty beds in rooms with two or three beds . Water and electricity, the cabin is heated with central heating and offers tourists dining room , bar with TV and Internet.

To Nezabravka hut can be reached by hiking trail from Sopot for three hours or a chair lift Sky Lift, which is one of the longest of the peninsula, winding five thousand feet of two lines.

In the vicinity are many sites. One of them is the center for extreme sports Shambhala, at the foot of the Sky Lift. They offer lessons in paragliding, mountain biking, zorbing , mountain board and others.

Near the huts are good, 40 minutes, to Ambaritsa and Dermenka - three hours and five to Vasil Levski . Can be reached at peak Levski for two hours in the hut well.

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