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Prohodna Cave

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Prohodna Cave is one of the most famous and easily accessible caves in Bulgaria. It is located 2 km from the village Karlukovo and 112 km from Sofia.

The cave is a natural rock bridge with a length of 262 m has 2 entrances - large and small. From the small entrance with a height of about 35 m goes trail that passes through the whole cave and out through the big entrance (the biggest cave vault in Bulgaria - 45 m).

Passage is naturally lit by huge inputs and natural openings in the ceiling - "okna". "Oknata" make the cave unique. Placed side by side with the same almond-shaped, “oknata” remarkably like large eyes seemed to stare at visitors. Not surprisingly, local people called them "The eyes of the Lord," and sometimes "The eyes of the devil." Viewed from certain angles even resemble a person looked down at the bottom and in wet weather if they are running "tears." Faced with this natural phenomenon, one remains amazed and slightly excited - amazing symmetry and arrangement of oknata stirs a sense of awe and mystery. The cave was declared a natural landmark in 1962 were shot her several Bulgarian and foreign films. One is "Time of Violence" (1987).

From the large entrance conduct bungee jumping. Passage is a popular place for climbers. Sport routes are divided into several sectors. Category varies, but generally are one of the most difficult in Bulgaria.

You can reach Prohodna cave from the National Home "Peter Tranteev." Path starting from home leads to the big entrance of the cave. The cave is accessible to tourists throughout the year. No driver is needed. It is desirable to be taken during cold winter days for forming on the ceiling and around “oknata” large icicles and the danger of slipping.

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