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Route Kavarna - Kaliakra cape

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The starting point of this tourist route is the town of Kavarna, located on the northeastern coast. Away by car or organized transport reaches situated eight kilometers southwest area Kovanlaka. If you wish you can get a tour guide to tell you professionally to discovered in 1967 here massive settlement.

It was founded in the very dawn of Danubian Bulgaria (VII century) and archaeological excavations conducted there revealed a lot about the lifestyle of its inhabitants. The houses were dug into the ground and had only one entrance, and public buildings and homes of the aristocracy were built of stone and quite spacious. The floors were made of rammed clay or were covered with large stone slabs and roofs supported by massive wooden beams.

The territory of the settlement, archaeologists have discovered a large center for ceramics. Although their ornaments is relatively simple, they are very beautiful and harmonious. Fired in specially designed furnaces and crafted on a potter's wheel pottery were a very important part of everyday life of the ancient Bulgarians since they were stored food and beverages, and served in everyday life.

The next stop on the route is Bulgar necropolis near the village of Topola, located three kilometers from Kovanlaka. There are nearly five hundred either find a grave, and the artifacts they provide rich information about their lifestyle, beliefs and rituals of our ancestors. In the graves were found coins, jewelry, relics of sacrificial animals, ritual objects.

Hence continues to cape by car or organized transportation. If you have provided a guide, you can learn a lot about the dramatic story of two of his fortress and thrilling stories about the last days of the Medieval our country, the most popular among them, of course, is that for forty girls who entangled hair each other and jumped from cliff into the sea to save the honor, choosing death over to be desecrated by the Ottomans. Not to be missed, and incredible views of the sea, which offers nose, jutting out into the deep water area.

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