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Historic Landmark
Kazanlak tomb

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Kazanlak Tomb is the first Bulgarian sites included in the World list of UNESCO monuments. It was discovered by accident back in 1944 archaeologists date it back from the end of IV and III in early BC

Today the original tomb was sealed, and a few meters of it was built a copy of which is open to visitors. It consists of three rooms - hall, built of stone and clay brick corridor and narrow brick burial chamber Bell dome.

The most interesting and impressive are murals in the hall and chamber, which are extremely beautiful and tell us much about the skill of the ancient Thracian artists.

In the tomb were found two funerals of a man and woman who were probably local rulers.

Next to the entrance of the copy of the tomb has a shop for souvenirs and promotional materials. The original permit groups of up to 4 people for about 2-3 min humidity in the tomb with equipment to monitor and if there are deviations from the norm is not placed one inside.

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:00

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