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Kilifarevo Beach

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The beach is located near the swimming pool Kilifarevo, which is located in the picturesque area Kiryakovoto on the banks of Belica River. The nature is very beautiful ponds is Olympic size and the distance from Veliko Tarnovo is only ten kilometers so the place is very popular, especially during the warm summer months.

The base is very spacious and functional, offering visitors a wide variety of water and beach facilities. Long twenty-five wide and twelve and a half meters pool is divided into several sectors (1.20, 1.40 and 1.60 m) to allow holidaymakers of all ages to enjoy full and parents - not to worry about safety their children. Water temperature ranged between 26 and 28 degrees.

After paying the entrance fee, guests at the pool could use the free hot showers, deck chairs and tables with umbrellas and wireless internet. If you do not like water or attracts you just laze on the beach, you can take advantage of any opportunities to practice sports offered by the complex. There are two new tennis clay courts, where you can rent rackets and balls. Are placed and tennis tables, which you can also rent.

In the complex there is a bar and restaurant where you get the opportunity to have fun with friends, sip something cool or try the excellent charcoal grill that is made here. In any case, in the complex you can find that elusive cool on the hottest days and at least pull a short from the city noise and everyday stress.

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