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Historic Landmark
Kilifarevo monastery

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Kalifarevo monastery is located in River Belitsa, about 4 km. south of the town Kilifarevo and about 14 km. from Veliko Tarnovo. The monastery is from the time of the Bulgarian tsar John Alexander, when about 1348-1350, the St. Theodosius of Turnovo built above the current large monastery cloister. Soon after building the monastery became an important literary center of the Turnovo Kingdom. The monastery wrote books, translated the lives of Bulgarian, Greek and Serbian saints, liturgical books, Byzantine chronicles, and adding collections. That arose the famous Kilifarevski school whose books and translations reached Russia and Serbia and brought great glory to the monastery and to St. Theodosius. As of 1360 the number of monks and men of letters exceeded 460. Among them was the future Evtimii, who after the death of St. Theodosius of November 27, 1363 continued his work. In 1840. Renaissance master Nikola Ficheto began construction of a third church in Kilifarevo monastery. It keeps some of the old altar wall and the two chapels of St. Theodosius and St. John of Rila and so the three areas are united under one roof, giving the appearance of today's church nave and dome of St. Demetrius.

Kilifarevo nunnery is operational and includes a church, residential and farm buildings. Courtyard of the monastery is vast and has parking space for cars. Balconies are decorated with flowers and the whole atmosphere that is created predisposes to excellent conditions for rest and seclusion.

Kalifarevski monastery offers good accommodation and recreation. Prices are BGN 10 / bed with bathroom in the new building and BGN 8 / bed with shared bathroom in the old. Meals available in restaurant about 500 meters from the monastery gates.

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