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Kiselchovski Waterfall

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Kiselchovski Falls is another beautiful place in the Western Rhodopes near the village Kiselchovo . Small but amazingly beautiful and picturesque, it descends 12 meters at the bottom of the gorge, protected by cliffs and proud pines .

The road to the site is easy and the hardest part is to get to the village Kiselchovo . In the beginning, take the road of Smolyan to Mogilitsa . Have to pass Chokmanovo , Smilyan and Koshnitsa, which are still places around the bed of a meandering river Arda . Before reaching Mogilitsa path diverges to Kremene , Nadartsi and Kiselchovo . He is not in good condition in some places and driving must be careful - recommended for higher vehicles.

Starting point of the path that leads to the waterfall is a sharp right turn , which is located between the lower and upper quarter of Kiselchovo . There you can park the car and grabs dirt road that runs along the river. A hundred yards it turn left and cross the small creek Kiselchovski . It leads to a meadow that is dotted with old buildings . The interesting region is that in the past has been mined uranium - for curious tourists have left several galleries . The trail runs along the entrance to one of them and then enters mixed forest and began gently climb. Since there is a long journey to the rocky crevice where the song pours water on Kiselchovski waterfall.

Depending on the time of year there is a chance some of the bridges on it were destroyed , but in summer the river is not deep and it is possible to cross in other ways - for example, rocks or fallen trees.

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