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Forest Park Hisarlaka

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Kiustendil, Osogovska planina

Urban Forest "Hisarlaka" is located on the lowest branches of Osogovo Mountain, near the town of Kyustendil and offers great opportunities for recreation and tourism among beautiful scenery, fortress ruins, hotels, restaurants and pavilions. Its area is 1300 acres.

In Hisarlaka there are many interesting places of entertainment. It attracts with its beautiful pine forest. It was created by Jordan Mitrev forester in 1890-1912 In 1952, the forest is excluded from the forest and was designated a park. It dominates the black pine, meet white pine, fir, spruce, maple, oak, lime and others. There are alleys, recreation, children's playgrounds, fountains. The hill is related to Kyustendil by 3 paved road and many paths. On the upper parts is a view of the town, Kyustendil valley and its walled mountains. Hisarlaka is associated with folk traditions and holidays, and today - with the holiday "Kyustendil Spring" - a traditional city-wide celebration of pagan origin, reception and transmission of the symbols of the spring carnival, all-national celebrations. On the day of the feast / 21st May / every year, regardless of weather conditions, all people from Kyustendil and their guests go out in Hisarlaka for a family afternoon with food and drinks. Here comes the chosen girl greets them with the coming spring.

Here have been discovered remains of ancient and late ancient necropolis. On the hill fortress is revealed - Acropolis of Pautalia built at the end of IV century, used during the First and Second Bulgarian state as a feudal castle and destroyed in the XV century. Today part of the fortress wall was restored and incorporated into the overall architectural design of the park.

The walk to the park "Hisarlaka" is nice, especially for pedestrians has built a pedestrian zone, "Path to Health", and for love - "Walk of Love" The park is located Zoo garden city in which you can see different animals and to enjoy them.

The famous park "Hisarlaka" is a favorite place for recreation and cultural activities, to conduct "green schools" and biking.

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