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Located near the border with the Republic of Macedonia and Serbia. Recreation and tourist center of national and international importance, archaeological and architectural reserve, starting point for hiking and skiing in the mountains Osogovo. South of the town rises the hill Hissarluka - northeast branch of Osogovo. The city gushing numerous hot mineral springs with medicinal properties. They are concentrated in the fault, which separates the mountains from Osogovo Kyustendil valley in a strip about 1 km long and 200-250 meters wide springs (40 in number) were captured in a single tank. Their flow is 35 l / sec. The mineral water in the catchment has a temperature 74 ° C - one of the hottest in the country. It is clear, colorless with a strong smell of hydrogen sulfide. Has proven healing properties for a certain kind of diseases. Kyustendil spas are favorable for the treatment of respiratory tract, the musculoskeletal system and gynecological diseases. Kyustendil is a center for agricultural region with centuries of tradition in fruit growing, because the city and its environs are known as "the orchard of Bulgaria. You can visit the forest park Hissarluka. Located on the eponymous hill just above town. Especially for the pedestrian walkway is built, starting from the stadium Osogovo. The park is located the city zoo, where you can see different animals. On top of the hill is the medieval fortress Hisarlaka. In Kolusha is the medieval church of St George and the central square you will find the Assumption Church. Exhibition hall of the Historical Museum venture into the mosque Ahmed Bey. The city reserved mnozhestovo houses.

Association Tourism Council - Kyustendil

Address: Kyustendil - 2500 44th Street Democracy

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