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Municipal Theatre Kyustendil

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Consisting of local cultural figures in 1883 formed theater group to Kyustendil community center. In 1907, in the town of Kyustendil is building a new library building with a theater . The scene of the library theater for the first time in Bulgaria and around the world to play "Mother" by Maxim Gorky .

By 1948 the theater did not exist alone, but was part of the activities of the center " Brotherhood ." In 1948 it became a municipal and became an independent institution with director Kruger Nikolov. By decree of the Council of State from January 1953 the theater became popular State Theatre - Kyustendil, and in 2005 the theater again became communal. The new building of the theater was opened on 7 February 1979 personally by the Minister of Culture Ludmilla Zhivkov 's play Racho Stoyanov "Masters " production of Prof. Elka Mihailova and toured actress Meglena Karalambova role in Milk .

For the period 1952 - 2010 year and placed played 323 plays 190 authors. About the same time in Kyustendil theater have worked 330 artists, more than 100 filmmakers and 60 artists - designers .

On December 16, 2008 to initiate a new chamber room puppet theater premiere of the play " Puk " by Valeri Petrov.

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