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Ski slope Tri buki

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Ski Slope Tri Buki is located on the pedestrian path between the hotel " Tri Buki " and prophylactics " Tri Buki ." If you want to stretch your legs , and for convenience , leave your car in the parking lot of the hotel and proceed on foot. The distance is not very big .

The track is 1 km long and has a small displacement. This makes it suitable for both beginners and advanced . The place is attractive for lovers of snowboarding . The tourists lift function , type " fish" at low speed , allowing even inexperienced children in sport to benefit from it. Top ski trail is 1,680 m above sea level. Construction of a two ski runs of 1,300 to 1,800 meters. At the bottom of the track has opened tearoom , which offers hot drinks , sandwiches , wine, BBQ and more. Close to the ski slope " Tri Buki " are several recreation areas , barbecues , places of campfires , tents and more.

The road to the " Tri Buki " , where the eponymous track is in very good condition. Only 20 km is located the town of Kyustendil . And nature is enchanting mountain Ossogovo . To run a new hotel with 60 beds and bungalows with 27 beds. The hotel has a ski locker and parking. In the area there are 4 cabins, taking skiers.

In Osogovska has two tracks that are worth a try. This is the track " Ossogovo " and the race named after Kyustendil climber , musician , poet and racing - Liudmil Yankov .

Several historical sights waiting to be discovered by you in Kyustendil. Head over to the architectural and archaeological reserve " Pautalia - Velbazhd " antique and medieval fortress " Hisarlaka " ancient baths , the Regional History Museum "Academician Yordan Ivanov ," house museum " Ilyo " house museum " Emfiedzhieva house " art gallery "Vladimir Dimitrov the Master ," the medieval church "St. George " Pirgova tower and house-museum " Dimitar Peshev . "

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