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Echo hut

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Echo hut is saddle Iron Gates , between the peaks Kavladan and fist . Its building is massive and two , holding forty-two seats, toilets and bathrooms are on each floor. The hut is water and electricity from the unit, such as heating in the winter of stoves . Located on the tourists have a kitchen and dining room .

Starting points are Ribaritza Village - Three and a half hours Beklemeto ( in hut Stena ) - five hours Rozino - Four and a half hours and Klisura - Four and a half hours . Information on all routes can be found on our website.

Objects that are close are: shelter Academic ( two hours) Vezhen hut (three hours) , hut Goat Wall ( two hours) , hut Rebel Song (three hours) , hut Vasilyov (five hours) and peak Kavladan ( ten minutes). All trails are marked and accessible for most of the year.

Since the coverage of mobile phones is poor near the hut for applications benefiting phones located chalet Stena - 0885 99 4129 and 0882 440 757 . However, anyone who wants to try a direct connection with the chalet hosts , you can call 0877/314 296 and 0877 / 535 201 .

Prices can be checked on the official website of the hut - vary according to the types of visitors and membership in the SIP .

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