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Klisura - Vejen hut

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The starting point of the route is in the northwest of the city Klisura. It follows a marked path which passes through orchards and rose gardens, crosses the railway line and the main road , then climbs steeply wooded tip Ostritza . Hence the path moves in a northerly direction along exposed , dug out by torrents room, which is the watershed between the rivers Kamenica ( the beginning of Stryama ) and Haidushki dollars.

The track continues east of the site through Lokvata and Velyovi churches reaches a flat ( wide watershed ridge between Ravna river, Kamenica and Haidushki dol ) . This route starts is well marked trail leading initially to the northwest , and then northeast , along the watershed between the tributaries of the rivers spring Ravna and Kamenica .

Passing through the Vlashki well ( source of Kamenica ) , the trail climbs to the saddle Kamennata porta located between the peaks Vejen ( 2198 meters above sea level to the west ) and Kamenica (east , 2104 m ) . Here the route follows the Stone ( Klisurski ) road that shortcuts the steep slopes of Mount Vejen northwest , under the springs of Bolovandzhika .

The track describes coils passing through forest, then crosses a mountain meadow with a serious slope and enters the coniferous forest. Soon he comes to the ridge of Mount Vejen where it turns to the west, following the winter mark it indicated high metal stakes. This is important because in places the trail is lost in the tall grass , rocky areas and juniper bushes .

Climbing Mount Vejen becomes shallow and wide slope from east to west. From the north it descends perfectly recognizable winter trail hut "Vejen" . Part of the trail goes through " Tsarichina " - the third largest reserve included within the National Park "Central Balkan". It was created in 1949 to protect beech , beech-fir and very rare spruce- white fir ecosystems , growing along the upper forest zone .

Here is the only place in the Central Balkan Mountains, which grows compact white fir . It grows only in the Balkans but reserve " Tsarichina " is the most northern place that occurs worldwide.

The trail is not particularly difficult , but crosses the main Stara Planina ridge , so you must be well equipped and aware of the weather conditions. The area of peak Vejen is known for its ferocious storms, especially in winter , when the accumulated drifts more than 2 meters.

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