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Historic Landmark
Park-Museum "Samuil Fortress"

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Samuil's Fortress is located in the gorge near the village of Kliuch, about 20 km west of the town of Petrich and only 4 km to the Macedonian border. Located on a hill on the river Strumeshnitsa is part of a large fortification system built by Tsar Samuil at the beginning of XI century. Probably the fort was used as a command post.

History tells that in 1014 the soldiers of the Byzantine emperor Basil II defeated the Bulgarian army and taken into captivity 14,000 Bulgarian soldiers. Basil II ordered all prisoners to be blinded Bulgarians, and 100 to be left in one with one eye to lead his comrades on the way back home. According to one legend, King Samuel could not resist the sight of thousands of its soldiers blinded and died. A Basil II came to be known by the name of the “Bulgars killer”.

The National Park-Museum "Samuil Fortress" includes archaeological site "Samuil Fortress" with 13 small canned and called dugouts "A large dugout," and the ruins of the observation tower of the Samuil fortress. Over ruin site was built with panoramic composition and memorial exhibition hall.

Guide is available from Wednesday to Sunday, 8 to 16.30 h. Lectures cost 10 lev and are only in Bulgarian. Free access is Monday.

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