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The starting point of the transition is located in the eastern part of Central Sarnena forest hut " Moruley ." It is located 508 meters above sea level at the foot of the homonymous peak ( 895 meters ) , the ruler of this Srednogorian share. The hut can be reached in two hours recognizable and well marked hiking trail or four-mile asphalt road. Both routes start from the Stara Zagora village deep. The hut has a tourist kitchen , dining room and 60 beds in rooms with 2 , 3 and 4 seats . The surrounding area is very beautiful, covered with dense forest and few places suitable for recreation in nature .

From there the trail heads northwest , but soon turns south , as is the main direction of the route. The trail passes through many scenic areas , showing us views Sarnena Middle Forest and the harsh Balkan Mountains rising to the north. Especially beautiful is if you choose to go along in the late spring ( when everything is bathed in greenery and meadows are covered with huge peony ) and in October ( the time during which the mountain is lost in gold , red, orange and brown colors autumn).

The trail is well marked and identifiable (white - blue- white) , so there is no chance to lose , unless you distract yourself seriously or not the cases bad weather. However, it is hardly necessary to say, a must for every transition in the mountains advance to meet in detail with the weather conditions that await us .

After passing through mountain meadows and deciduous woodland trail crosses the valley of river Sushica (about half an hour after departure from the chalet " Moruley " ) reaches Gradishteto which is located in a medieval castle . About 30 minutes of it is natural landmark Milkini rocks.

From here to the end point of the route is reached in about an hour. Village Kolena ( Stara Zagora District) is located 262 meters above sea level and has a population of 265 people. Located about 10 km north-east from the regional center . Around it is titled dam, which offers excellent opportunities for outdoor recreation .

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