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Cycle route Kondovo Village - Iv...

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The starting point of this cycle tourist route is a village Kondovo (Ivaylovgrad municipality, province Haskovo). Here lies north along the road and soon reached the neighboring village Pelevun where you can fill out their stocks of water, as follows section, where there is nowhere to do so. The track still continues along the road to the north, but after three kilometers should leave him and take the dirt road to the right. If you like history, however, you can still keep four hundred meters along the road and look to the left of him Thracian dolmen, and then go back.

Diversion after passing through meadows and mixed forests, and a little more than six kilometers out at the foot of the fortress Lyutitsa, where the shelter "Kaleto" and the eponymous hunting lodge. When you wish, you can upload it to the top and explore this mighty medieval fortress. It follows a relatively steep descent to the valley of the River Aterenska. Poem east along after less than a kilometer track takes you to another medieval landmark - Aterenski bridge.

Shortly later, you will reach to the vast, beautiful meadows, on which was built the monastery "Sv. Konstantin and Elena ". Here you can relax under the magnificent century-old tree, where there is a fountain. Less than two kilometers further along the route to reach the quarter "Ladzha" and the main road from Ivaylovgrad to the village Meden Buk. From the route continues north (left) and passes through the neighborhood to enter the core, the new part of town. You can view a number of attractions or to eat and spend a nice time in one of the many cozy restaurants. For the record, the end point of the route is a tourist information center, which is located on the "Orpheus" 1.

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