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Kopren Ecotrail

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Until recently, the area of the village Kopilovtsi and the magnificent Mount Kopren were almost unknown for mountain lovers . This was the status of the border region and the prohibition to practice tourism without permission from the authorities. Recently, however, WSP began winning and take up its popularity and this has contributed Kopren beautiful trail .

Every tourist can choose according to their personal preferences and capabilities of the three versions of the track. Depending on the distance can be covered in the range of 2-8 hours. The trail begins a few kilometers from the village Kopilovtsi and reached the foot of the mighty Mount Kopren, rising to 2,119 meters above sea level. Displacement of Koprenska trail is relatively small - the difference between the lowest and the highest point is only 400 meters (between 950 and 1,350 meters nadm.vis . ) . By contrast, however, the transition was not easy, especially in the upper part, as it offers many dangerous areas , plenty of rocky obstacles and passing along the edge of steep cliffs .

Almost wildlife along the eco-trail is breathtaking every lover of beauty. Alternate mighty beech forests with broad meadows covered with geraniums , berries and herbs. The route runs along two beautiful waterfalls Durshin skok and Voden Skok and places approaches close to the Serbian- Bulgarian border.

The first phase of the transition is very well maintained. The marking is excellen,t route is chosen very appropriate to offer up complete experience for tourists. It passes several times over the river and offers views of some really beautiful waterfalls . At the end of this leg of the journey is a large meadow , lying at the foot of Mount Three Chuki .

Unfortunately for lovers of North West Balkan second stage of Koprenska trail is not always align in perfect condition. This should be considered when taking tours of inexperienced travelers or group has children. Sometimes happens bridges , stairs and railings are broken down by natural forces or by the people making the transition relatively complicated and requires certain qualities.

However, Koprenska trail is a real paradise for all tourists. It is gathered in one place extreme hurdles , high tops, humming waterfalls , steep cliffs , ancient forests just waiting visitors to enjoy the charms of her best time for tourism in the region is the summer , particularly between May and October .

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