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Koprivshtitsa Path of Health

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Koprivshtitsa "Path to Health" perfectly suits its name. Throughout its length are built exercise equipment ( rods , rings, wooden side by side ... ), and the terrain is chosen so that in the hopes that it can serve as a route to run. The idea of ​​the founders was to create conditions for active sport and gradually increase the load . Using routes running implies a smaller slope and a low level of difficulty, so it is suitable for all seasons, ages and conditions.

"Path to Health" begins before the house -museum of Najden Guerov . From there he took to the plaza , which is located on the architectural ensemble Doganovo houses. Hence turned left and soon come across another square where the fountain is known as Raynovets . Road climbs gradually and reach the fork , as you have to take the road leading to the forest. Marking with paint and signs starting at the end of the city, where he is only a steep section of trail.

The path appears on the cover of meadows top of the hill . The area is known as Voyvodenets and there conducted the National Folk Festival . Here are two separate routes - "Path to Health" and " rebel paths" which are marked with signs.

The route continues through the marked clearing in the woods. On the left side remain meadows and scenes , which conducted the National Folk Festival . The terrain is flat , the feeling of oneness with nature is reinforced by the proximity of the beautiful forest. Soon leads to the first sports facility , then the path splits into two parallel parts. "Path to Health" still left on both sides is a separate seating area with wooden tables and benches.

After the route is removed from the current path and enters the pine forest. Marking is good and leads to the second facility. Then there is a slight climb to reach the third athlete " stop ." From the track descends to the right in a small clearing in the forest. If you decide to run must be approached with caution , because the slope is relatively high and narrow trench is covered with twigs, cones , needles and sand.

At the end of the descent is made and fourth gear . From this trail continues its descent through the forest to reach the next Playground . Hence the short and sloping ascent through a forest , then a new descent leads to successive gymnastic equipment . From the trail leads back to the meadows of Voyvodenets where plaque shows the right direction for the city.

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