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Oslekova House

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Oslekova house is one of the most impressive monuments in the city. It was built in 1856 for Nencho Nikolov Oslekov of Samokov master builder Mouth Mincho. Located at the bottom of a narrow courtyard and consists of a high basement, ground floor and the floor. Admiration of visitors waking rich murals and carvings works. Experts say Oslekova house is one of the best solutions to our Mural Renaissance heritage. Three columns made of Lebanese cedar maintain a large hall on the second floor. Outside of the gym is decorated with paintings depicting cities and exotic locations.

Beautiful carvings on the ceilings, rich murals and layout show how the wealthy lived Koprivshtitsa in the middle of the XIX century.

The owner of the house - Nencho Oslekov before you start trading with Abby and braids throughout Asia Minor markets have dealt with collection of Beglika - tax on small farm animals. This lucrative trade for the time it provides a remarkable wealth and social status. However, patriotic Koprivshtitsa active part in the revolutionary struggle of his people. In 1876 he was among the conspirators preparing a new uprising. In the large hall of the house are made clothing and cloaks the Koprivshtitsa rebels. Because of his activity after the defeat of the April Uprising Nencho Oslekov was captured and hanged in Plovdiv on 27 June 1876.

You can visit the museum at 2 BGN for even less will get talk.

Working hours: 09:30 to 17:30

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