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Ecopath Kostandovo - Tsigov chark

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Kostandovo path from the town to the resort area "Tsigov Chark" , located near the lake "Batak" is relatively easy to move . It is suitable for groups of young children and not very well prepared physically tourists , and almost all weather conditions, except very cold and snowy weather .

The route offers a wide variety of beautiful views of the surrounding peaks and picturesque valley Chepinska . The route starts at the town Kostandovo , which together with Rakitovo Dorkovo village and is one of three places , forming Rakitovo Municipality. Hence the path is directed to Danoto and villages, after reaching the village Dorkovo . The transition was easy and pleasant , allowing tourists to concentrate on surrounding on all sides natural beauty .

Marking of the trail is in blue, but even if you do not keep track of caution , we can hardly go wrong , as the route is clear-cut and well maintained. From the village it merges with dorkovskite and Rakitovo routes leading to the lake " Batak " and " Tsigov Chark " . Followed by a gradual ascent , during which again we can enjoy the countless beauties of the heart of the mountains .

"Tsigov chark " is one of our most important and attractive mountain resorts. You can combine your holiday in spectacular scenery , the healing power of fresh mountain air and us shake off the stress of everyday city life walks in the surrounding forests. Of course, the "Batak " offers excellent conditions for lovers of bathing , fishing and sunbathing . The surrounding meadows and ancient forests do abound from various herbs and berries, and in suitable weather, and mushrooms.

On the way back we can choose some of the alternative routes to touch more than impressive scenery from here . One option is to go through Hunting and Fishing Association and area Kostandovski alchak , then the peak Koileto be included in the route of the trail "Health" in which to descend in Rakitovo .

We can also go up to the peak Mel through the panoramic cliff to go over the ridge Kostandovo where to go down in the city. Another option is to move past the cabin Hunting and Fishing Association , then on the road near the site Vrabneshko gully placements in her namesake lake to reach the city Kostandovo . Whichever option to choose , one thing is certain - we expect a pleasant and memorable experience.

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