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Krapets beach

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Beach of Krapets (Shabla, Dobrich) is a length of seven kilometers and is one of the last pristine places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. He started from Cape Krapetz south and continues along the lagoon of the Biosphere Reserve "Dourankoulak" confluence with the south beach of Dourankoulak and goes all the way to Cape Karaburun to the north. Here you can enjoy the peace and quiet among the coastal dunes, long forgotten by the majority of our coast.

The village is small and quiet, and its inhabitants jealously guard the beach from any urbanization and encroachment. Therefore Krapetz has survived as a fishing village, what was and was founded in XVI century. This, however, should not you suggesting that if you visit, no place to stay. On the contrary. Despite the lack of five-star hotels and flashy restaurants Krapetz offers visitors very cozy rooms and small restaurants where you can sample local specialties - at first fish soup, of course.

The beach offers tourists much longer the deficit on the Black Sea solitude, only a mile from the start began lagoon Durankulashko Lake, famous for its incredible variety of flora and fauna. That is why the area was declared a protected area and has retained its unique nature.

If you want to enjoy the dozens of species of migratory birds that use the lake for resting and feeding, you should come here in the early spring or late fall. However, if you are a tourist who simply prefers the tranquility and solitude, visit Krapetz beach in July or August, as it is one of the northernmost of the Bulgarian territory and the sea here is not so hot. However, is extremely clean and recreation in Krapetz definitely worth it.

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