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Krichim dam

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Krichim dam was built along the Vacha River and is located 10 km south of Krichim, 418 meters above sea level in South Bulgaria . Entered service in 1972 , it is designed to produce electricity . Part of the water cascade Dospat Vacha and to it has built three hydropower plant . It is the smallest in size of the other reservoir in the cascade , but instead it is the largest inflow of water from Vacha. Favorite and attractive place for practicing sport fishing . They may be taken in waters following species of fish : rainbow trout , perch , chub , perch . Nase , brook trout , rudd , carp , pike, barbel , sun fish.

The dam is easily accessible by paved road runs along the gorge of the river Vacha and passes through Krichim . About 20 kilometers after Krichim will go through a tunnel and you will find yourself directly on his dam itself . Its shores are very steep and convenient fishing spots are few. There are several trout cages built near the area " Oreshaka ."

Carried interesting legend about the place where a dam was built Krichim . According to the legends in the past there was an old well , now lies at the bottom of the pond . It was the well where elves with pale faces gathered at midnight to be married . Danced , sang and played , then jumped into the well . These little creatures were known as navyatsi , often because the dam itself Krichim also called Navyatsite . According to local legends such dwarfs have an evil temper, which bear the souls of unbaptized . If the person you talk to them , do it with you in the well. If you are silent , they passed him , though it was invisible.

But let this myth you refuse to walk or sleep near the dam . There is a pleasant holiday homes that are ideal for longer stays .

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