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Krushovene Beach

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Krushovene beach village located on the left bank of the river Iskar, just a few kilometers from the place where it flows into the Danube. It is typical of the lower reaches of the Iskar, with more earthy than sandy beach, covered with herbaceous vegetation just a few meters from the water. However, the beach is preferred for vacation especially during the hottest summer days, as it is clean, the river bottom is sloping, and its waters are moving slowly, so there is no danger for people who want to bathe here, although that a dose of caution is in order.

Since the village is big for the size of Bulgaria (more than a thousand people), you can come here quietly for a few days. If you are fans of sleeping in a tent, camper or caravan on the coast, you can stay in one of the guest houses in the village. If you prefer to spend unforgettable nights around the campfire, on the Iskar, department stores in Krushovene you can load it with everything necessary for the purpose.

The nature around is really impressive - as are found near the second largest in Europe and the longest Bulgarian rivers, the place is a favorite nesting and habitat of rare waterfowl, and flourishing of many plants protected by the Red Book. In the land of the village is the protected area "Genchov Orman," which is designed to protect ancient oak forest, one of the trees in which more than five centuries.

In the village there are a pharmacy and a clinic. If you are a fan of the cultural and historical tourism, only ten kilometers away is Ulpia Eskus (near the village Gigen) - one of the most important and flourishing cities on the lower Danube during the Roman Empire and Byzantium. There can be reached on foot, but note that the transition to the examination of the ruins will take you almost all day. By car, however, be reached quickly. The beach offers excellent opportunities for fishing, which attracts many anglers wanting to check their luck.

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