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Urishki Waterfall

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Urushka Waterfall , or Urushka Maara is located on the green path between the village Krushuna and the village Karpachevo . Called "lone waterfall" , it is far less known than Krushuna waterfalls and no special pathway built specifically to him , though beauty is not inferior to the famous fellows.

Once you exit the Krushuna towards Maarata (or Krushinskite waterfalls ) have the right to exit micro - dam . Departs on asphalt road that no more than 50 meters turns into a dirt road , then a small path leads to one of the many caves in the area - this is also stated as a waterfall - Krushuna Maara . From there, follow the river that comes from it. The path is thorny and not particularly friendly , but does not take more than ten - twenty minutes to get to this beautiful waterfall and rated . However, it is less than a Krushuna Falls - 15 m - Lone waterfall is much steeper and protected by cliffs and fragrant hedges of plants .

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