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The starting point of the route is the center of Kuklen , located 7 km south of Plovdiv . Hence goes to just above the monastery " St. Cosmas and Damian . " The climb is pleasant, with a slight slope . Distance takes about ¾ hour. Continue by marking hut " Rouen " (green - red ) that leads south.

After about an hour the path splits into two , one part leads to her hut " Zdravetz" ( red line ) . The trail continues on the green in places out of the woods and crosses meadows, which means that care must be taken not to lose the trail . Moreover, indications are sometimes not sufficiently frequently .

In places the track is overgrown , but still relatively easy to cross. Approximately half an hour after departure from baseline ( normal speed) leads to the well preserved Roman bridge . Hut " Rouen " is located only about 15 minutes after it. It is a starting point for the eponymous peak ( 1326 m ) . It should be borne in mind that in recent years the hut is quite neglected and does not work. It is not clear what will be her fate , but now can be used as a cover only sudden deterioration of weather and water supply of outdoor fountain .

Just ten minutes after the hut the route reaches the asphalt road . From the village of Yavrovo (municipality Kuklen , Plovdiv District) is reached by a road passing through beautiful forest . The transition was easy and pleasant and makes for a little more than an hour. The first evidence of Yavrovo for the time of Byzantine rule in the Bulgarian lands (1018 - 1185 years). It is spoken in some of the written sources of the Crusades who ruled Plovdiv and its surroundings at the beginning of the XIII century. In more recent times Yavrovo is known as the birthplace of the great Bulgarian writer Nikolai Haytov as his home is a museum .

Yavrovo of the dolls go on perfectly recognizable road. The whole transition is extremely lightweight , and only nasty section of the separation of paths huts " Zdravetz " and " Rouen " to reach the second . Approximate length of the passage of the route is 6:00 .

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