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Kula dam

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Kula dam was built on the river Topolovets in northwestern Bulgaria . It is the largest lake within the Vidin region . Its area reaches 1567 acres and is used for irrigation of the surrounding areas . Located directly between the village Poletkovtsi and the village Staropatitsa to Kula City , from where derives its name . The dam is an attractive place to practice fishing, they can catch in the waters following species of fish : bleak, bream , carp , perch, roach , rudd , bream.

Directly from the northeastern part of the lake lies the protected area " Shishentsi ." It should Topolovets River and only a few kilometers away will take you to the beautiful waterfall Petkov Tserak . Upon request and free time you can walk to a secluded and height in northwestern Bulgaria - Vrashka located directly on the border with Serbia. The peak is 692 meters high and deserves to be obedient . Not far from the town of Kula is located Magura hill , where he formed the famous Bulgarian cave with the same name - Magura . The town is the tower built on the ruins of the ancient fortress of Castra Martis , which is located in the city center. It is also the birthplace of the famous Bulgarian artists Geshev Jordan Alexander Poplilov . Moreover, its mayor was famous Bulgarian rebel , revolutionary and national revolutionary leader Khitov . Should visit Kula dam and the beautiful surrounding area .

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