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Beach Makaza Complex

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The beach of "Makaza" is located five kilometers from Kardzhali and four Momchilgrad the fork of the two cities and Jebel located on the River Municipality. The place is tucked away in the soft curves of the Eastern Rhodopes and offers great views of the surrounding hills covered with lush forests. Here it is appropriate to come, whether you are married with young children, looking for excitement or hope to find unity with nature.

The complex offers guests a summer jacuzzi, swimming and children's pool, where kids can have fun without worrying about their safety. For them, there are well-equipped and safe playground and pool for adults are targets three hundred and fifty sunbeds, so no reason to worry that you will run out of space.

After a swim and get a tan, you can have fun with friends and eat in the shade in the summer bar, whose tables are terraced and offer great views of the River Municipality. In the complex you have the opportunity to practice tennis (has two courts), and use the beach volleyball and mini football pitch.

If you want to pamper yourself and relax, shake off the stress of everyday life and the hectic city life, you can do it in the spa, steam bath or massage parlor. Of course, the main specialties are fish here, so you can benefit from the fountain with live fish is cooked fresh. If you prefer something more nutritious, you can order a barbecue or meat dishes cooked on a barbecue. The complex offers all the conditions for the organization of personal, family and corporate celebrations, and teambuilding. The surrounding area has many hiking trails.

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