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Regional History Museum

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Kurdjali, 4, ul. Republikan...

The museum is located near the city center, the source route to the town of Haskovo. The building was built in the early 20's of XX century, designed by prof. Pomeryantsev, professor at the Art Academy in St. Petersburg. Like most museum buildings in Bulgaria and that the original was created for another purpose. The idea was that there be hosted madrasa (Muslim religious school). Due to the various vicissitudes of fortune, this never happens, but the initial idea for the function of the building require unusual, seemingly for our lands architectural solutions. Dominant in the facade are Moroccan arches and details reminiscent of Arab architecture. Due to its unique appearance, the building was declared a cultural monument of national importance. The museum consists of three sections - Archeology, Ethnology and Mineralogy. For each of them is separated by one floor. The first floor is archeology, and the findings are chronologically arranged in 5 rooms. It is recommended that the entrance to head to the left to view them from infancy. You'll see artifacts from Neolithic settlements in Kardjali and Krumovgrad, pottery, prehistoric vessels cult tables, stone tools, a reconstruction of part of the settlement mound in the village Samovodene. Very interesting is the numismatic collection of the museum. Here are findings from the villa Armira (near Ivaylovgrad) known in flamboyant decoration. So going to the Middle Ages, and many curious reconstruction of the catapult in real terms. The second floor is very beautiful with those precious and semiprecious stones and walk into the next room continued to Provide traces of plants and animals sealed in stone and herbarized plants. The third floor is occupied by the museum's ethnographic exhibition. Main place it is given the characteristic of this region and crafts and in particular tobacco. Attention is paid to the dairy, presented by reconstruction of the dairy.

This floor can also be seen typical of this part of Bulgaria costumes. The collection is rich and present male and female costumes of Christians and Muslims. The museum has a large yard with lapidarium and very beautiful gardens. Tickets for adults BGN 2 for students BGN 1

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:00

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