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Route Kurdzhali - Monek Fortress

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This route is a nice starting point Kardzhali. Originally walk through park "Prostor" where a good time can lead to the village Sipei. The distance is two miles. Its biggest attraction are the ruins of a Thracian fortress located about 300 meters away.

After two kilometers ( northeast of Kardzhali ) leading to the village rates. Of it goes to the next village - Zimzelen, near which is the famous rock phenomenon Stone Wedding. Along with rock mushrooms near the village of Beli Plast, it is part of the so-called Kardzhali Pyramids - rock formations, "scattered " in the Rhodope ridges Kayadzhik and Chukata. The cliffs reach a height of 10 meters and a total area of ​​about 50 acres.

Its name due to the Stone Wedding bizarre formations that resemble two giant figures, surrounded by many others. The entire composition is reminiscent wedding ceremony. People invented and proper legend to explain the phenomenon. According to it a man from Zimzelen fell in love with a girl from a neighboring village. When the wedding took her from her native place, and was coming back, suddenly the wind blows, took the veil of the bride and revealed her wonderful beauty. All of the people became speechless, and the father of the groom jealous of his son. Outraged by his impure thoughts, higher powers petrified the whole multitude.

According look no less enchanting for those unfamiliar version of the Stone Wedding scientists began to form about 40 million years ago when the Eastern Rhodopes on the bottom of the sea. Consequently, volcanic activity formed rocks that after the withdrawal of the water subjected to the action of the elements. Thus forming the whimsical forms, impressive tourists today.

Here the route continues southeast and leads us through villages Pancevo and Guskovo to find ourselves in Shiroko pole ( 8-9 km from the District). Two kilometers south of it is the medieval fortress Monek known with local name Asara. It is one of the largest in the Rhodopes and is built on Mount Sixth Fortress ( 586 m altitude ), which now overlooks the lake "Studen kladenets" .

Saved are large portions of the outer wall, high in places up to 8 meters. Among the archaeological finds are the remains of towers, water tanks, numerous artifacts related to crafts, household and warfare of our ancestors.

From Shiroko pole village you can go back to Kardzhali, transportation or to walk along the old road that runs along the route careers and zeolites. The total duration of the transition is about 5-6 hours.

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