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Utrobata Cave

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Cave - Utrobata (Womb) received its name because of its shape , which is horizontally placed . The entrance is a natural crevice in the rock , which is 22 meters deep , the last five feet is further cut by man. Represents the altar , about 1.3 meters high , made ​​in the form of a matrix, as in the center was a small hole ( 5x10 cm) . The cavity of the cavern is three meters high and has the shape of a horn - tapering to the bottom. The conclusion of the researchers is that this cave was a Thracian temple of XI - X century BC.

Unlike aridity near the village Nenkovo ​​from cave streams of water, which is collected in a small pool at the foot of her from there seeps out of the rock , but never dry . Challenges a person to come to this are many.

Womb cave 's southern entrance , the ceiling and seemed to be cut in half and then glued . On it there is a specially designed slit through which accurately in twelve noon penetrates a sunbeam , then began the most exciting . Few minutes it rose , moving slowly towards the altar. Reaching the small hole , the beam stays for a short oscillations. On the day of the vernal equinox, the sun ray expands and fits into the hole on the altar by fluttering a few minutes. The action represents the fertilization , the sacred marriage between the rock and the sun , the rebirth of life. So far this has only opened a similar cave in the world . This striking phenomenon can be seen even during the shoot only one day a year - on Christmas!

The cave was explored for the first time in the summer when cavers noticed beam to sneak through the hole , but reached a length of only 2 meters. Its total length he reached for Christmas (when illuminated altar ) is 22 meters.

The road , which is the sanctuary which is approximately 30 km from Kardzhali, between the villages and Dozhdovnitsa Nenkovo ​​in the area Tangardak Kaya .

Should be carefully monitored for a bit outdated sign indicating the beginning of the path leading to the site . The route is dotted with signs from nature to help after one or two hours to reach rock miracle. Landmarks are niches ( in the form of small windows or crescents ) Byzantine fortress , located on a hill high above the tourist trail again niches and rock in the shape of a mother . Well equipped and medium durable hiker could in the winter to get to the cave and witness the exciting moment at the end of December.

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