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Beach Kutovo village

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Kutovo Village is located two kilometers from the shore of the Danube, about twelve kilometers from the regional center Vidin. Next to it is situated Danube Bridge 2, whose official name is "New Europe". For this reason, in recent years, and the beach of the village there is an increased interest as tourist flow has increased several times.

The beach is typical of the south bank of the river in the western part of Bulgaria - beach is flooded every spring by the swollen river level rising due to heavy rains and snowmelt in central Europe. In the summer, however, River drops considerably discovered relatively narrow, but covered with fine sand coastline.

If you decide to sunbathing here, however, should be aware that the site is not secured and is not suitable for people who can not swim and families with young children, though in most places the bottom is sloping, without pits, and whirlpools . Despite the potential hazards and periodic bans on its use, however, the beach near the village Kutovo gather every summer many local people and tourists seeking coolness and much desired peace, away from the crowded resorts and cities.

Near the beach is located the Naked island which is the habitat of rare species of birds and is therefore included in the "Natura 2000". Therefore the beach in Kutovo come and many fans of ornithology tourism. Nearby is the store many rare plant species near the village park Antimovo, extending more than fifty acres.

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