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Leshten village

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Village Leshten known as holiday resort and one of the best places in Bulgaria for country tourism. The basis and conditions which Leshten offers to visitors are first-class level, of course, combined with the typical atmosphere of Renaissance Bulgarian village. Perhaps nowhere else in the country have such a unique symbiosis between the Renaissance atmosphere and modern comfort. Panorama of the village is unforgettable view not only to the mountains, but to the Pirin Mountain.

Excellent conditions for rural tourism in Leshten are due about 30 houses, 15 of which are freshly renovated in recent years and could accommodate hire. The houses have spacious balconies, lovely courtyards and taverns, where customers can cook their own meals with products from local farms, although the restaurant offers great local specialties, known to foreigners. Main street is paved with cobblestones and it are souvenir shops.

Four seasons offer different ways of entertainment and recreation - hunting, fishing, riding in the mountains, swimming and spa in the nearby resort Ognyanovo, which is located only 5 km. indoor and outdoor pool. Visitors can have fun picking mushrooms and herbs, walking to the ethnographic complexes Kovachevitsa Lower Delchevo and day trips to the Rozhen Monastery near Melnik and first-class ski resort.

In Leshten able to make a jeep safari to visit the reserve "Dark Forest" with ancient beech and spruce trees, rock formations that have Thracian sanctuaries "Goat's Stone" and "Black Rock", the canyon of Kanina and the "Blue pool. "

At Leshten can see the collection of folk instruments and household fabrics, the collection of paintings and antique photographs that provide ethnographic and cultural heritage of the village. The former church school in the village Leshten is now an attractive pub offering great local cuisine.

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