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Saraburun peak

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Saraburun peak is located in the northeastern part of the mountain ( hill forest ) across the common Liubimets. The peak is located northeast of the village Vulche pole and southeast of Sheynovets peak , close to the Bulgarian- Greek border . Its height is 454 meters . The peak is known that on 31.03.1952 , in its foot comprises the largest battle in the history of border troops and border guards between the bandit group that tries to pass in Greece , having fulfilled its mission in Bulgaria . In the battle killed three border guards - Sergeant Asen Iliev, efr. George Stoymenov and private Stoil Kosovo . In the southwestern foot of the monument on top of the three border guards dead .

Starting point for the top is the village Vulche pole, Lubimets municipality , Haskovo Province .

The village is located in a mountainous area in the eastern part of the Rhodope Mountains , approximately mid- way between straight Harmanii Ivaylovgrad . It is 30 km south of Lubimets , 38 km southwest of Svilengrad , 70 km southeast of Haskovo . The climate is predominantly Mediterranean influence, which is expressed mainly to higher average annual temperatures. The altitude is about 300 m The village has excellent infrastructure , electricity and water 's population is about 340 people. From Harmanli of the village Vulche pole, if you don`t own transportation , you can travel by bus.

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