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Sheynovets peak

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Sheynovets peak is located in the eastern part of the mountain in the municipality Lubimets , northeast of Vulche pole, near Liubimetz and southwest of the village Mezzek , Svilengrad near the Greek-Bulgarian border. Its height is 703.6 m . The peak is known locally also a Turkish name Kurt Kale - translated " Wolf Fortress." Here on 05.10.1912 , he became the first battle in the Balkan war . It killed 14 soldiers guarding the elevation of the 30th Regiment Sheynovski , gave his name to the top. At the very top there is a monument in memory of the fallen .

Today, the top is a television tower with a height of over 100 meters, which is visible from afar . In a good and clear weather from the top to see the Aegean Sea in Greece. To the summit can be reached by car while passing through the village Mezzek . The road is in good condition , the only disadvantage is that it may very steep and narrow. Reconstruction of events Sheynovets peak 100 years ago presented amateurs from Mustafapaşa . Then Tundzha Eighth Infantry Division crosses the Turkish- Bulgarian border. The first task is

to control the tip , which is guarded by 100 Turkish soldiers.

30th Infantry Regiment stormed Sheynovski top, and conquered it comes to Mustafapaşa , which was released the same day.

Battle for Sheinovets is strategic . Bulgarian soldiers showed exceptional fighting skills and managed to break through the Turkish positions .

Another curious thing is worth to tell , is the assumption that Spartacus - the leader of the slave revolt in ancient Rome - was born in the village Mezzek . After the destruction of the village family goes to Mesta and Struma and around the present town of Sandanski , he was captured by the Roman legions .

Kale Fortress and the Thracian tomb Mezzek are well known landmarks.

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