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Art Gallery Lovech

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Lovech, 1, ul. Vasil Karako...

Art Gallery of Lovech offers a wide range of works , primarily in the areas painting , sculpture, graphics and applied arts . In 1964, it was initially established as a department of the City Historical Museum. Exposed mainly works of local artists donated paintings for the newly opened room, and inheritance received pictures from library " Science ." Exposure gradually grew and houses works by artists from Bulgaria, some of which world . Since 1990 the gallery has independent and works that present - over 2400 . Holds works from the 30s to the beginning of the XXI century by Atanas Mihov , Ivan Hristov Zlatyu Boyadziev , Elizabeth Konsoulova Vazova Ilia Petrov Dechko Uzunov , Svetlin , Atanas Yaranov, Suli Seferov , Theophane Sokerov, Tsvyatko Dotchev , Peter Dotchev , Greddy Assa, Rashidov , Angel Stanev , Valentin Starchev, Emil Popov, Peter Chuklev and others.

The gallery has 4 rooms that are periodically held exhibitions and traditional lounge of the Lovech artists.

The gallery is located close to Osam River , which bisects the city . Here also are the museum Vasil Levski and Hissar fortress . The tourist information center is at a distance of 100-150 meters from the gallery. Besides the many attractions in the city of historical and cultural significance , 10 km from Lovech is a village famous for Kakrina Inn , a shelter for revolutionaries of the secret committees of Vasil Levski . In the vicinity of the inn on 27 December 1872 after accusation of treason Krustyu , the apostle was captured together with his two companions .

Working hours: 09:00 to 17:30

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