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Camping Coral beach

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The beach camping cult "Coral" is located near the village of Lozenets (Tsarevo municipality, Burgas) near the "South", another iconic camping. The beach is very clean and fine, because that is preferred by families with children and lovers of Holidaying in nature, away from the noisy and crowded with tourists flashy resorts.

If you decide to spend your holiday on the beach camping "Coral", you should consider that he is unguarded and without a medical facility. This is not as alarming as it was elsewhere, as the bottom is sloping without pits and underwater currents. However you should be careful, especially if you come here with small children or not you are a good swimmer.

However, beach camping "Coral" you can practice a whole range of water sports ranging from swimming and get to surfing and diving. Adjacent to the beach campsite where you can locate caravan, camper or tent in a nice forest, saving holidaymakers from the heat during the hottest summer days.

Although it is one of the last nearly pristine places on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, beach camping "Coral" Yet already the victim of overdevelopment of the beach. So hurry up to visit, nature here is truly magical.

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