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Eco trail Madara Horseman

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The starting point of the eco-trail is located near the top of the stairs that lead to the Madara Horseman. It is enough to go to the left of them and to walk about 20 meters to find yourself at the " starting point ." Originally the eco-trail passes through a rare and pleasant walking grove , and very gradually climbs the ridge .

The transition is very easy and pleasant , suitable for lovers of nature and cultural heritage of all ages and not particularly good physical condition . All along the ascent of the Madara rocks have a single place where the slope is a little more serious , but even it should not pose any obstacle for the general tourist.

The only difficulty that you may encounter if you decide to embark on the adventure trail called " Madara Horseman " is associated with insufficiently clear and locally made missing markings. It also , however, should not become a serious hindrance to enthusiasts as the right direction can be followed even by instinct , or simply follow the changing terrain and stick to climbing rocks.

When it reaches the top of the plateau , the route deviates right direction to reach the edge of the rock formations. This is where you will encounter the remains Madara fortress - one of the strongest fortresses of the First Bulgarian Empire , part of the protective belt surrounding the capital Pliska. Rock cliff offering breathtaking views of the region carrying the magical glory of swing of Danubian Bulgaria . So far reaching and stairs that we " abandoned " at the beginning of the eco-trail and down which will take you to the Madara Horseman - one of the most mystical and powerful symbol of the territory of our country. The total length of the route is about 4 km and travels no more than an hour with a normal move.

The rock is carved bas-relief of 23 meters above the ground and is a sculpture consisting rider spearing trampled under the front legs of the horse lion. The man is accompanied by a dog and can see the carved inscriptions in Greek language. On the timing of felling of relief and symbolic importance for voiced dozens of hypotheses , but none of them is not based on hard evidence . This, however, is not important for lovers of nature and history that can enjoy its mysterious appearance.

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