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Cycle route Madzharovo - Mezek

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This fifty-kilometers cycle route starts from the second-smallest city in Bulgaria after Melnik - Municipality. Although it is little known as a tourist destination, it is very beautiful and offers visitors a huge variety of historical, cultural and natural attractions. Located in magical Eastern Rhodopes, with some of them you will have the opportunity to meet during the bicycle tour.

From Madzharovo track moves east gradually climbs the hill forest, passing through the villages of Little Bryagovo Ephraim. Here you can enjoy panoramic views in all directions and the beauty of the mountain. You have to be careful about marking (red triangle), because the highest point of the road route departs from the asphalt to the left (east) and begins to follow a beautiful forest road rash slopes of Mount Saint Marina (780 m altitude) from the south.

Before long reach designated detour to the right, in which you wish can take you to the megalithic complex Gluhite Kamani ( Deaf Stones) . It is one of the largest Thracian cult burial sites and was founded in the early Iron Age to act until the Middle Ages. A monolithic rock, which were dug over two hundred trapezoidal niches, two tombs, which are also carved into the stone block and staircase leading to the reservoir a Thracian settlement. In the Middle Ages created rock monastery.

When viewing complex or decide not to turn, continue east along the ridge to reach not long after the asphalt road from Liubimets to Ivaylovgrad Keep it on the left (north) and then gradually burst for kilometer route turns east (right) is another beautiful forest road. Is still moving along the ridge until you reach the drinking fountain Pichkata near can rest briefly, and if desired even to sleep in a tent or sleeping bag. In all cases, however, fill their stocks here because it is the only water source in the area.

Very shortly after Pichkata route takes you to the main road from Mezek to Sheynovets peak (703 m). If you want you can climb up it and enjoy the beautiful panorama of the area, which opens out. Descent to Mezek is smooth and very pleasant. The famous medieval castle is located just before you reach the village. Furthermore it interesting to consider here is extremely well preserved tomb, also located close to the village.

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