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Historic Landmark
Matochina Fortress - Bukelon

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Few people are lucky enough to enter in Matochina, called on a healing herb that grows in abundance in the area. The reason for it is because prior to 1989, access to it was disabled because of his status as a frontier territory. The village falls within the territory of Haskovo and is located 110 km from the town . In this wild and picturesque piece of Bulgarian territory erected a fortress occupying a specific place in history. For the twelfth century , during which the function - IV- XVI, it became a place of fierce fighting , but because of its geographic location is ignored for decades .

At the end of the IV century, probably near the ancient fortress Bukelon ( whose place was built Matochina ) was killed by a Roman Emperors - Valens . Another Roman emperor lost his life in the modern Bulgaria was Decius .

Eight centuries later , near the castle of April 12, 1205 Bulgarian army, commanded by Tsar Kaloyan, break the cruel knights of the Fourth Crusade . As a result, was captured Emperor Baldwin IX of Flanders and briefly closed in the dungeon of the castle Melissa , where was later taken to the capital Tarnovo.

Another interesting point about the castle - dungeon is that it was shot with Melissa contemporary Bulgarian film " Mila from Mars ."

Today, the fort remained only citadel. Its walls rise respectable to 18 meters. When you approach the area and see it in the distance - the view is impressive . The best preserved is the defensive tower . If you look away from the arch at the entrance again , you will see the letter "M" . It is assumed that the fortress was built by the Bulgarian tsar Mikhail Shishman (1323-1330 years).

According to people who have had the good fortune to see the castle Matochina with their eyes on a clear day you can see the minarets of Adrianople. Keep in mind that the city is located 18 km away . Alone you can imagine , once the visual contact with the area had soldiers put on top of the fortress - 18 meters high!

The fortress Matochina can get quite completely alone. But if you want a guide, you can request one in advance by phone 0889 00 40 16 ( Mezzek ) and the Museum in Svilengrad ( 0889 004 099 ) . The cost of the lecture is 6 lev

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