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Medven, mahala Yurta

In Medven , near the town of Kotel, is the home of the great revolutionary Dzhenda Stoyanov Dzhedev - Zahari Stoyanov. He comes from a family of shepherds and while studying in the village school helping his father with the cattle. Then went to Northern Bulgaria , worked for a time as a pastor and after educating himself began working as an apprentice in a tailor's shop in Ruse, and later as a clerk. In 1875 Zahari Stoyanov included in Stara Zagora Uprising , and a year later, during the April Uprising is the head of Plovdiv revolutionary district . When the uprising was suppressed , he is haunted with George Benkovski . Zahari Stoyanov was captured and killed Benkovski after long chase through Teteven . Several months until the liberation , revolutionary spent in various prisons. At the end was released and returned home for a while Medven . Of 1877 , he went secretly to Veliko Tarnovo, where he held various government positions , mostly in the field of justice. In 1886 he went to Sofia became an MP and later Chairman of the Parliament. There marriage to Anastasia Obretenova - daughter of Baba Tonka Obretenova . Died suddenly and mysteriously in Paris in 1889 , and is believed to be poisonous , the official diagnosis is volvulus .

In his honor , in his father's house was opened a permanent museum exhibition of household and personal belongings , documents, letters and manuscripts owned by the author of Notes on Bulgarian Uprisings . The first floor recreates bit Medvenska environment. The second floor housed the personal effects of the revolutionary - clothes, shoes , photographs, literary works. External appearance of the house represents a typical Balkan house from the late 19th century, traditional pine paneling , massive oak beams with master thread . The house was built of timber frame porch . The yard is terraced with Harman threshing . Of revered place in the yard is exposed granite sculpture head writer .

Working hours: 09:00 to 18:00

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