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Historic Landmark
Medieval fortress Maiden Tower

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Byzantine and medieval fortress Maiden Tower is located in the Pirin part of the valley of the Mesta River, near the village of Kremen, 25 km southeast of Bansko. The castle is an archaeological monument of national importance. It is located in one of the narrow and picturesque gorge sections of Lily, south of the village of Mesta. Probably built in the II-III century, then abandoned and restored only in the XII century. The fortress occupies an area of 500 square meters From the west city wall is preserved and reaches a height of 8 m in this part of the fortress was located its only entrance. At the highest point of the hill are the ruins of a rectangular facility. Integral part of the fortification system was fortified towers. In the eastern sector are the remains of such a rectangular tower. To the south are found two rock formations similar loopholes.

In the cliffs below the castle is a natural cave with several entrances, galleries and halls with relics, proving the existence of prehistoric village. Today the cave entrances are walled and access it is impossible.

Legend has it that there was a tunnel of Maiden Tower by Vitan mill. Some residents of this area of the city say they have walked in the entrance of the tunnel. Now its location is hard to find. It is said also that the tunnel is connected Maiden tower ancient city of Nicopolis ad Nestum.

The name of the fortress was received from a tradition that the castle was built by the sister of King Shishman, having escaped from Turkish captivity.

In addition to Lily ravine remains of Byzantine and medieval fortress "Maiden Tower" is the rock formation "Bought" and remnants of ancient and medieval fortress near the village Gospodintsi.

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