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Historic Landmark
Holy Spirit Fortress

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Mineralni bani, 3, ul. Vasi...

One of the places worth visiting in Southern Bulgaria, is the fortress " Holy Spirit ." It has acted during the II century - XIV century and is located in the center of the Municipality of Mineral Baths , Haskovo region. The name comes from the name of the chapel , which was situated on a hill Holy Spirit among sanatorium , Toplika 'and Eagle . "

A characteristic feature of the castle " Holy Spirit " is that it has an irregular shape and is versatile four experienced construction period - Roman , late Roman , early Byzantine and medieval . Today, in places the walls are preserved up to 3.5 m high and 2 m thick. Inside the fort can be accessed through its main entrance from the south or in two small armies (doors ) located on the western and eastern walls. Inside the fort can be seen residential, commercial and barracks . Impression and four rectangular towers in the Middle Ages have been converted into housing.

During the excavations it was there found dozens of pottery, agricultural implements , coins, weapons and other items that show active human presence . Among the findings are more than 120 copper , silver and gold coins and a lead seal . Today you can see sharapans . It is a rock grooves carved into trahitni or limestone . These are facilities for pressing grapes to produce wine that indicate the development of viticulture since the time of the Thracians.

In the historical literature fort and settlement in Mineral baths are identified with the so -called city Toplitsos ( Toplika ) . It is mentioned by the Byzantine historian Michael Ataliat to long Skilitsa in connection with the attacks of the Pechenegs in the middle of XI century, when it was probably destroyed the fortress.

Curious moment in history is that every year, Orthodox believers gathered on the feast of the Holy Spirit , to celebrate the great feast .

In XII century on the site of a medieval fortress emerged necropolis in which during excavations discovered large quantities of gold and silver works. Currently, the fortress was reconstructed and looks as it was in the XI century

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